Weekly lunch menu

12. week | 2014

  • M
    Bogár: Tomat soup, layered potato casserole, beetroot Bimbó: Chicken Soup, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Boiled Potato with Parsley
  • Tu
    Bogár: Kohlrabi soup, Spring rice with meat and cucumber Bimbó: Cauliflower Creamsoup, Rigatoni - Layered Pasta
  • W
    Bogár: Potato soup with hotdogs, Spinach penne with cheese Bimbó: Pumpkin Creamsoup, Chicken in Four Cheese Sauce, Steamed Rice
  • Th
    Bogár: Pea soup, Creamy broccoli chicken strips with rice Bimbó: Vegetable Soup, Pasta Bolognese
  • F
    Bogár: Vegetable soup with dumplings, Roasted turkey breast with mashed potato and cucumber Bimbó: Tarragon Ragout Soup, Breaded Fish Fillets, Steamed Rice