School facilities

We are very pleased to offer parents the choice of two fantastic locations in District II.

Kids Kiosk, Bogar Utca 26.

Our original location is on Bogar Utca and here our children enjoy a spacious playground with swings, climbing frames, a sand pit and many outdoor toys.

Inside we have a swimming pool where we provide swimming lessons for all our students at least once a week.

When not being used as a pool this area converts into a gym using specially designed equipment. This provides space for dance, yoga and motor skills classes to name a few.

Our classrooms are bright and spacious providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for your child.

First Steps, Bimbo Utca 19.

Our second location is on Bimbo Utca. The building is a converted villa in the traditional Buda style.

While retaining many original features it has now become a fairytale place in which children can play and learn.

The classrooms are big and well designed and the garden has long slides and a vast array of outdoor toys.

Here we also have a large gym where our kids can take Ballet and Hip Hop classes in comfort!


We welcome the opportunity to show parents around both schools!